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Tamil Writer Balakumaran!

Tamil Writer Balakumaran! I am still amazed by the interest shown towards reading Balakumaran Novels. Balakumaran is a well known author in Tamil Language. He had written novels, short stories, poems, successful dialogue writer in Tamil Movies. His fans are increasing and we could see youngsters been drawn more by his writings even today i.e, even after his death, he is still ruling the hearts of many. Many of his readers had placed him in a position of their father, godfather and Guru. What i like the most in his writings: 1.You can read many of his novels in a day. At times, you get struck up with the dialogue / incident and you like munching them for a week, before going to a next chapter. 2.The characters are unforgetful. The characters are common people. 3.Through the characters he will make us to question within ourselves. 4.On reading his books, the gender differences will not strike you more and you will start understanding the oppos