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Author Pick of the Week - Sourabh Mukherjee

Author Pick of the Week - Sourabh Mukherjee Sourabh Mukherjee is an Indian Author, based in Kolkata, West Bengal. He is an Electronics and Telecommunication Engineer from Jadavpur University and a Post Graduate Diploma in Management. He is working in a Technology Consulting Multinational Company as Vice President. His interests include avid reading of fiction books, loves travelling, passionate in Photography, Movies, Music etc.  He is a fan of James Patterson’s Alex Cross. Sourabh’s protagonist, A.C.P. Agni Mitra, was also inspired by his favourite detectives, Hercule Poirot and Sherlock Holmes. “Large sections of my novel read like romance since I also enjoy the works of writers like Nicholas Sparks and Erich Segal,” says Sourabh. He writes regularly on Business and Technology. He is a speaker in National and Global Conferences and Summits. He writes columns regularly on Sports in Sportskeeda. His fiction books have been appreciated by all the leading publishers inclu

Author Pick Of The Week - Ms.Krishna Udayasankar

This week's Indian Author is Ms.Krishna Udayasankar Krishna Udayasankar is a graduate of the National Law School of India University (NLSIU), Bangalore, and holds a PhD in Strategic Management from the Nanyang Business School, Singapore, where she presently works as a lecturer. Her bestselling debut novel, GOVINDA, the first in the Aryavarta Chronicles series of mytho-historical novels, received critical acclaim. She is also the author of Objects of Affection, a full-length collection of poetry (Math Paper Press, 2013) and is an editor of Body Boundaries: The Etiquette Anthology of Women's Writing (The Literary Centre, 2013). Her Books are :  The Aryavarta Chronicles : Govinda, Kaurava and Kurukshetra (Epic Fiction Novel Series) Objects of Affection (Poetry Anthology) Body Boundaries : The Etiquette Anthology of Women's Writing (Non-Fiction-Edited by her) Immortal   (Fiction Novel)   Beast   (Fiction Novel) 3 (Fiction Novel) =================

Sri Sri Ravishankarji's quotes on Love and his Books

Hai, 13th May is the birth anniversary of Sri Sri Ravishankarji! When we remember him, we remember ' The Art Of Living' sessions also. He had spoken more of Love to Public. Love all to become bliss is the underlying concept. We make an effort to Love all mostly after marriage and it begins when you bear a child. Before that during young and adolescent age, we know to Love Self i.e We love Only Ourselves. We love the self more rather than anyone else. Once married, you starts loving your husband and then you love your child. When you become a parent, you starts to understand your parents and love them for what they had done for you and the difficulty of parenting and why they were very strict on principles. and so on... Especially for mothers, they start to see all the children as their children, they concern for the safety of the children in the public.. they keep looking all the children are safe in the public.... Definitely, when you bear grand childre