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Learnings from Books on Public Administration and Military Science

Hai all, Books on War , Public Administration , Military Science , Politics help us in understanding that every leader faces difficulties, decisions -factors of influence and future impact. These books help us in understanding the behaviour of leaders behind their decision making, strategy taken, self confidence, confidence with their warriors, soldiers, team etc., understanding the strength and weakness of every team, the communication reach without technology such as mobiles, watsapp, video conferencing etc.. How did they manage to have disciplinary in their team with size ranging from thousands to millions? The research done before waging a war. Failures, lessons learnt, how did they overcome those, how did they rise again from the failures and restore their positions. The advice of ministries all these will give us confidence in our business, workplace, to bring success in our organization and gives confidence in understanding the human behaviour and most of all the

Swami Vivekananda : Inspirational Youth Icon

Hai, Swami Vivekananda The name itself has a magnetic vibration. When you say his name, definitely his image becomes bigger than us, the self. He is powerful, his thoughts, writings, teachings are for the world, beyond religions only for the welfare of the Human Kind. As an Indian, I would advise you to read his books, as no other book can be inspirational, motivational than his. His languag e is simple and easy to read and understand. He is an Indian and he teaches us exactly after knowing our weakness and strengths. He seeds the thoughts that are required for our nation to be prosperous for ever. He says, citizens/ people of the country are the biggest strength than any other resource. He had quoted " Give 100 youth so that I will make a strong India ".  A leader can't spell those words, without knowing his country, history, countrymen etc. Above all, shows his Leadership Skills . His faith in the Indian  youth  never wavered. “My faith is in younger ge

Osho : Influential Thinker

Hai, We had picked Author of this Day, " Osho " who is of one of the highly influential person of this century. Through his books, he is still revolutionizing the world. Whatever he said to people were the ones what they have not heard before. Just a glimpse of his writing _                                 If you love a person, you accept the total person, with all the defects. Because those defects are a part of the person. Never try to change a person you love, because the very effort to change says that you love half, and the other half of the person is not accepted. When you love, you simply love. He touches our heart, mind and soul through his words. He spreads the word of love.. Osho is one of the most provocative and inspiring spiritual teachers of the twentieth century. Known for his revolutionary contribution to the science of inner transformation, the influence of his teachings continues to grow, reaching seekers of all ages i

Comics, a literature and an art form 1

Wishing you all a Great Day!!! Comics forms  a part in literature! It is also a communication expressed using the images. It also has a variety like Humor, Fun, Laughter, Fiction, Super Heroes...It is looked as an art form expressed in a best way. I had known comics from Thinathanthi Newspaper Comic Strips, ever ending episodes of "Kanni Theevu". I need not remember earlier episodes, but in my school days, whenever i get the paper, i will turn the Page 2 and read it. It was interesting and they had chosed Sindbad story. With just 4 strips, it had created the everending interest in me. The Literature combined with art form creates more interest in our minds like dance with song, singing with musical instruments. Comic inspires of all ages, of all backgrounds, inspite of whatever mood you are in now, will take you to the comic world and relaxes you for moments of present. I had also read comic novels - spiderman, superman and Hindu's saturday and sunday supplements

Indian Author Books : Raju Mandhyan - The Heart Of Story, The Heart of Humor, The Heart of Public Speaking, The Heart of the Close

Hai, One of my friend was desperately need of buying a book on Marketing. I bought a book that will suit his requirements. I was taken aback, when he was not happy in reading a book written by a foreign author. He said, I need a book written by Indian Author, who understands our business, limitations, scope and more about the Customer Behaviour. Yes, I agree. The Indian authors have Indian touch in their writing. They understand our Culture, heritage and about the society we live in. As John Lubbock says, " What we SEE depends mainly on What we LOOK FOR ".  That's how I started turning my head towards Indian writers. Wow! I am surprised to see the World of  Books by Indian Authors. We had picked books of Mr. Raju Mandhyan ..  Indian Author : Raju Mandhyan Books Raju Mandhyan is a Cross-Cultural Leadership Coach, Workplace Learning Professional and a Keynote Speaker. He has written four other books on commu

Turn the Pages to be in the Past : India's Glory - History - Non Fiction

Hai, I had liked this words of David Mccullough on History:-  History is Who We Are and Why We Are the Way We are . In Bharatham, we don't give much importance to our History. Of course, the foreigners will not highlight our history. But now, even after so many years after Independence, we are still not taught about our history in a proper manner.  In our society, we study history only to pass in Government Exams . When we hear about a student choosing History in college, we give a Ugh / oh expression and we look him as he is unfit to live in this society. Invaders of India had learnt and know more about our history, prosperity, culture, science, astronomy etc., If not, why they should come to India. We may telling proudly, when we go abroad, that we are Indian. I could see many youth, really so many, they don't feel proud to be the one.. When a kid not proud about his mother country, then how is he going to be proud about the society, inherit